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Aug 22, 2023 | 0 comments

A Glimpse into the Future: Unpacking Bitmap’s Phase 2 Announcement

The digital landscape is abuzz with an exciting announcement from the Bitmap community: the launch of Phase 2 of their ambitious project! As a third-party observer, I’m eager to delve into the potential implications of this latest development and explore what it means for the future of the Bitcoin Metaverse.

Phase 2: A New Frontier in Digital Ownership

Following on the heels of Bitmap’s whitepaper (Phase 0) and the ‘bit bang to blockout’ transition (Phase 1), Phase 2 marks the next chapter in Bitmap’s groundbreaking project. Labelled “The Parcelling,” this phase introduces the capacity for users to inscribe their own parcels within Bitmap districts, referencing block transactions. This unprecedented move effectively grants parcels independence from blocks, opening up a multitude of new possibilities.

The launch of the Phase 2 beta is slated for Monday, a much-anticipated event that promises to be an exciting testing ground for parcel inscriptions. Though the Bitmap team acknowledges that this is an experimental endeavour, they express confidence in the elegance and structural integrity of their solution. The promise of a more streamlined user experience and efficient indexing from day one of launch holds high hopes for both current and potential Bitmap users.

The Phase 2 rollout encompasses:

  • A new parcel inscription standard
  • A dedicated parcel inscriber
  • Trac parcel indexing
  • A full core standard index ruleset available on GitHub
  • Integration with
  • An array of Bitmap Applications (Bapps)

Bitmap: Reshaping the Metaverse

What sets Bitmap apart from other metaverse projects is its unique approach to digital real estate. Unlike other models, Bitmap’s creation of new parcels isn’t artificially constrained. The number of new Bitmaps generated ties to the production of Bitcoin blocks — approximately 144± new Bitmaps could be generated each day. This disrupts the conventional notion of scarcity that has dominated discussions about digital land.



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