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Aug 22, 2023 | 0 comments

Ordinal Loops Q&A

Ordinal Loops is at the vanguard of Bitcoin Ordinals, with Inscription 452 as its starting point. Unveiled in January 2021, Object 0 – a rotating mathematical torus – opens up an animated narrative universe from the project’s first series drop “Do Not Fiat”.

At stake: A battle between BTC ASCII and government currencies for supremacy.

Speaking this week with ‘T’ from the collective, we got a unique perspective on what goes into this highly-anticipated project. We discussed its meaning and, plus the creators’ vision. And finally explored how it fits in with Ordinals bigger plan to build an innovative ecosystem like never before!

Are you doxed, a collective or single Artist?

We are a mix of pseudonymous and doxed, we consider ourselves a collective, our combined skills in education, Artists and designers and mathematics were used in collaboration.

Have you created any other Bitcoin related Art in the past?

We are firm Believers in Bitcoin and thus have not acted on other projects – that might seem clear from our project path showcasing the positive potential Bitcoin has.

How long have you been involved in Bitcoin?

Some of us since 2013 – others as recently as 2019.

What’s the meaning of the torus in your work?

Do Not FIAT is a vision in which FIAT losses significance as the Bitcoin vulva depicted in O6 consumes all of it. From interaction to fight, from fight to war, from war to Bitcoin’s assumed victory. Torus spins as a time capsule.

Has Chapter 2 dropped yet?

Yes CH2 was released and is on, chapter-2 including the last B6 which is an audiovisual composition.

What are the drop mechanics?

B0 was sent to Satoshi so gifted away. B1 will be auctioned off over the NFT Paris using one of the venues – OrdinalHub or our own auction system as in the past. Price will start low – around 0.21 with growing similar to other auction protocols.

The rest Blocks will be auctioned at a later date – currently not certain.

What are your plans with Rockloops?

RockLoops is a celebration of good partnership and collaboration with hopes to push exploration further ahead. The pieces will be provided to community members and some of the rare colored ones to educational leaders like @niftynei of b++ f.e

How do you see the project evolving?

Project has different paths ahead – outside of storyline completion in March / April and conference activity, there is a desire to promote education, support decentralization, disrupt the ordinary.

What does your Art mean to you?

Art is defined in the eye of the beholder. It’s a message – a transcript. Shell of an idea or an abstraction. If it means something, it might bore. If there is no meaning, it might drive one insane. Or other way around, it was?

What developments within the Ordinal ecosystem have you been most excited about?

Ordinal ecosystem has been growing dramatically – from marketplace tooling to artist minting services or general inscription providers to auction houses. Integrations and trustless swaps.

What we are looking forward to is a solid unified solution integrating art and community. Maybe we can support to bring its existence.

Outside of our collaboration with Rocks, Shrooms are an amazing evangelists to Bitcoin’s core proposition.

Mad respect for what has been showcased so far and we hope that our Chapter 2 builds and enhances such a great story telling by Shroomtoshi. Pepes are also deeply appreciated as they have the potential to resolve all the issues in the world. Pepes embroider energy.

There is a hard and likely extremely long chain of answers for why the Chapter 2 piece has a specific choice. having only 7 blocks, we wanted to celebrate the most important milestones including transactions, price discovery, protocol upgrades and Ordinals.

Is the project pure Art, or are you looking to build on it creating a community of collectors?

21 pieces in 3 chapters are art related. every owner is a board member. there is an intent to grow community organically via collaborations and potentially a pfp project.

If you want to find out more about the project here are the links;

Twitter: @Ordinal_Loops




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Ordinal Loops Q&A

Ordinal Loops is at the vanguard of Bitcoin Ordinals, with Inscription 452 as its starting point. Unveiled in January 2021, Object 0 – a rotating...

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