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Aug 22, 2023 | 0 comments

The 12 Hottest Tools in the Ordinal Community: Explore, Learn, and Grow

1. AssetDash


One of the newest tools gaining significant traction among Ordinal enthusiasts is AssetDash. This sophisticated yet intuitive platform allows users to track their portfolios in real-time, ensuring they stay ahead of the game in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Find more information here.


@Ord_io is rapidly becoming a social hub for the Ordinal community. It successfully combines several key features, including an explorer, upvoting site, and social profiles. It’s shaping up to be a one-stop-shop for all things Ordinal. Discover more here.

3. Bestinslotxyz


Bestinslotxyz is an all-inclusive Ordinal aggregator. It collates data and links to collections and BRC20s, offering users a comprehensive, easily digestible view of the Ordinal ecosystem. Check it out here.

[Best in Slot]

4. Wizord


The Wizord platform offers real-time analytics for Ordinals, including invaluable insights on floor prices and percentage changes. Its real-time, data-driven approach allows users to stay informed and one step ahead. Find more information here.

5. Id Club


Id Club focuses primarily on Ordinal Names. If you have an interest in names in any way, this intriguing project offers a unique platform for exploration and experimentation. Try it out here.

6. Ordspy

Ordspy offers comprehensive BRC20 analytics, allowing you to track and value the tokens within an address effectively. This tool offers a clear and streamlined way to monitor your digital assets. Discover more here.


7. Ordkit


Ordkit is a premier tool suite for founders, builders, and creatives looking to build in the Ordinal ecosystem. With Ordkit 2.0 on the horizon, users can look forward to even more advanced and innovative features. Learn more here.


8. OrdinalHub


OrdinalHub is a comprehensive platform that lets you discover, track, and analyze Bitcoin Ordinals. It also hosts the Sat Scanner, enabling users to scan an address and see whether they have any rare sats. Plus, don’t miss their killer blog! Explore it here.

Ordinal Hub

9. Ordspace


Ordspace currently focuses on BRC20 and ORC20 analytics. This platform provides a wealth of data and insights to help users navigate the Ordinal ecosystem effectively. Check it out here.


10. Sat Stats Pro

Sat Stats Pro is a fascinating tool that comes as a Chrome extension. It displays the metadata of inscriptions as you browse a marketplace, allowing users to see a Satoshi’s age and rarity in real-time. Discover it here.

Sat Stats

11. Toolidarity

Toolidarity is a comprehensive index of tools across blockchains. Its Bitcoin section lists many of the top sites and tools, making it a valuable resource for those looking to expand their knowledge and capabilities. Find it here.


12. Ordex


Ordex enables users to buy at the best price across marketplaces. It’s an incredibly useful tool for those seeking to maximize their return on investment in the ever-fluctuating world of Ordinals. Learn more here.


Exploring, understanding, and utilizing these tools will allow you to make the most of the burgeoning Ordinal ecosystem. Whether you’re a newcomer to the field or a seasoned expert, these platforms offer unique avenues for learning, growth, and success in the exciting world of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. So, why wait? Start exploring today!


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